I level Diploma Trumpet

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I level Diploma TRUMPET



Test 1 checks instrument skills and candidate’s music experience. Test 2 verifies theory and musical culture knowledge.

Test 1
1) Performance of at least one music piece within three chosen by the candidate and selected from:
– S. Peretti, Nuova scuola di insegnamento per Tromba, Cornetta e congeneri – 28 studi, II parte – on major and minor tonalities
– J. Fuss, 18 Studi
2) At least 15 minutes performance of one or more pieces (single movements too) chosen by the candidate and selected from the essential repertoire for trumpet and piano or trumpet solo. In case of multiple pieces one of them may be for instrument solo. 
3) Sight-reading of a short piece chosen by the commission.
The commission reserves the right to interrupt the audition at any moment.

Test 2
1) Sight-reading solfège, with syllables, on the treble clef. Difficulty level: complex rhythmics appropriate to the instrumental or vocal repertoire up until the 1900s.
2) Sight-reading solfège, with syllables, on the seven clefs. Medium difficulty
3) Sight-singing of a melodic solfège. Short modulations and transposition (one note up or down).
4) Music dictation of a short melody with accidentals.
5) General music theory questions.

N.B. candidates will be exempted from the latter test if awarderd with one of the following:


Motivational interview.