I level Diploma Jazz Saxophone

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I level Diploma JAZZ SAXOPHONE



Test 1 checks instrument skills and candidate’s music experience. Test 2 verifies theory and musical culture knowledge.

Test 1
1) Performance of two musical pieces, one chosen by the candidate and one by the commission among five pieces presented. Pieces may be played with a piano/guitar accompaniment or with pre-recorded accompaniment and shall be selected among the following list: • All the Things You Are • Autumn Leaves • Billie’s Bounce • Blue Bossa • Blue Monk • Birk’s Works • I Mean You • Lady Bird • My Funny Valentine • Satin Doll • Scrapple From The Apple • Solar • So What • Stella by Starlight • Straight No Chaser • Take the “A” Train • Tenor Madness • Well You Needn’t • What Is This Thing Called Love?
The candidate shall be able to perform on the aforementioned pieces a simple theme interpretation and a modal improvisation on the chords. 
2) Performance and improvisation on a Standard chosen by the candidate and improvisation on a chord or on a scale chosen by the commision.
3) Sight-reading of a short piece from Lennie Niehaus’s method, Jazz conceptions for saxophone, Vol. 2-Intermediate.
4) Performance of two major and minor scales, one chosen by the candidate and one by the commission, on all the instrument range.
The commission reserves the right to interrupt the audition at any moment.

Test 2
1) Sight-reading solfège, with syllables, on the treble clef. Difficulty level: complex rhythmics appropriate to the instrumental or vocal repertoire up until the 1900s.
2) Sight-reading solfège, with syllables, on the seven clefs. Medium difficulty
3) Sight-singing of a melodic solfège. Short modulations and transposition (one note up or down).
4) Music dictation of a short melody with accidentals.
5) General music theory questions.

N.B. candidates will be exempted from the latter test if awarderd with one of the following:

Test 2 (Piano practice)
A basic knowledge of the piano is also requested. It will be verified by the performance of an easy chord progression or the performance of a blues theme or similar, played with right hand while playing an easy accompaniment with left hand.

Motivational interview.



STUDY PLAN I LEVEL JAZZ SAXOPHONE enrolled from a.a. 2021/22