I level Diploma Flute

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I level Diploma FLUTE



Test 1 checks instrument skills and candidate’s music experience. Test 2 verifies theory and musical culture knowledge.

Test 1
1) Performance of at least three music pieces chosen by the candidate and selected from:
– L. Hugues, 40 studi op. 101 e op. 75
– E. Kohler, op. 33 II o III
– J. Andersen, 24 studi op. 33 o op. 30
– A.B. Furstenau, 26 esercizi op. 107
– R. Galli, 30 esercizi op. 100
2) At least 15 minutes performance of a music piece for flute and piano, and possibly a piece for flute solo too, both chosen by the candidate.
3) Sight-reading of a short piece chosen by the commission.
The commission reserves the right to interrupt the audition at any moment.

Test 2
1) Sight-reading solfège, with syllables, on the treble clef. Difficulty level: complex rhythmics appropriate to the instrumental or vocal repertoire up until the 1900s.
2) Sight-reading solfège, with syllables, on the seven clefs. Medium difficulty
3) Sight-singing of a melodic solfège. Short modulations and transposition (one note up or down).
4) Music dictation of a short melody with accidentals.
5) General music theory questions.

N.B. candidates will be exempted from the latter test if awarderd with one of the following:


Motivational interview.