I level Diploma Choir Conducting

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Test 1 checks candidate’s skills in the context of conducting. Test 2 verifies theory and musical culture knowledge.

Test 1
1) Three written examination in seclusion with a maximum of 10 hours duration:
a. 4-parts harmonization of an imitation bass chosen by the commission, or composition of a poliphonic music piece on 3 or 4 voices of a music line chosen by the commission.
b. Composition of a piano accompaniment on a vocal or instrumental melody line.
c. Composition of a piano piece on a given music theme.
2) Presentation of at least one original composition for vocal or instrumental ensemble.
3) Perfomance and conducting of a brief music piece for vocal ensemble.

Test 2 (for Composition, Choir conducting, Orchestra conducting, Instrumentation)
1) Piano sight-reading of a music piece for multiple instruments chosen by the commission
2) Interview over theoretical fundamentals of music composition

Test 2 (Score reading)

1) Performance of an etude, drawn on the spot among five chosen by the candidate, from the following:
– Longo, Czernyana vol. 3 and 4
– Czerny, Scuola della velocità op. 299
– Clementi, Preludi ed esercizi
2) Performance of a music piece by J. S. Bach, drawn on the spot among four chosen by the candidate (two Invenzioni a 3 voci + two pieces from Suite Inglesi).
3) Performance of a sonata chosen by the candidate among Haydn, Mozart, Clementi and Beethoven op. 49.
4) Performance of a piano music piece of the Romantic age of adeguate difficulty level.
5) Performance of a piano music piece of the modern age o contemporary of adeguate difficulty level.
6) Performance of major and minor scales on at least three octaves chosen by the commission.
7) Performance of consonant and dissonant arpeggios on at least three octaves chosen by the commission.
8) Sight-reading of a music piece chosen by the commission.
9) Sight-transposing, maximum one pitch up or down, of an easy piece chosen by the commission.

Motivational interview.