The Conservatorio Rossini is one of the oldest, most prestigious conservatories in Italy. It was founded at the wishes of Gioachino Rossini, as stated in his last will and testament. In fact, in his will – written on 5 July 1858, ten years before his death – Rossini stated: “…As heir to my property I name the city of Pesaro, my home, to found and donate a music school in the city…”.

The music school (Liceo musicale) began its courses in 1882.

From the outset, the artistic level of the school was also guaranteed by the presence of directors from the ranks of some of the greatest composers of the period. The first was Carlo Pedrotti, opera composer from Verona who, to take up this position, left his place as Director of Turin’s Teatro Regio, bringing with him teaching staff of the highest level. His hard work saw the construction, among other things, of the Auditorium – now an integral part of the Conservatory – which bears his name and which was inaugurated in 1892. He was followed by other directors of extraordinary prestige, including composers Pietro MascagniAmilcare Zanella and Riccardo Zandonai: each one surrounded by excellent musicians, including violinists, Remy Principe, Attilio Crepax (teacher of Gioconda De Vito who graduated from the conservatory at just 14 years of age in 1921), Giovanni Chiti and Riccardo Brengola, pianists Adriano Ariani and Sergio Lorenzi, cellists Nerio Brunelli and Lino Filippini, horn player Domenico Ceccarossi, and singers Arturo Melocchi and Carmen Melis. The work of all of these important artists led to the creation, over time, of a genuine cultural heritage that went on to establish the music teaching and artistic traditions for which the Conservatorio Rossini is known all over the world.

Soprano Renata Tebaldi, tenor Mario Del Monaco, and composer Riz Ortolani are just a few of the more famous students of Conservatorio Rossini, artists whose extraordinary international careers have added prestige to their alma mater.

Currently, the Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini” in Pesaro is a higher education institute for musical studies and part of the area of Music Conservatories and Academies of Performing Arts (AFAM) within the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.