The Palazzo Olivieri

Palazzo Olivieri, headquarters of the Conservatorio Rossini, was built from designs by Pesaro architect and painter, Giannandrea Lazzarini (1710 – 1801) in 1749. It was commissioned by intellectual, Annibale Olivieri who used it as the headquarters for the Library and Museums he established and donated to the city. In the early 1880s, following the decision to install the Liceo Musicale Rossini inside the building, the palazzo was restructured to adapt it to its new purpose. To integrate the structure, in 1892 a large concert hall – the Salone Pedrotti – was completed on the area to the right of the building. This, however, required a significant extension to the original structure, with the creation of a second entrance (identical and symmetrical to the original one designed by Lazzarini) and the addition of a central balcony in stone.

The first inner courtyard was given a large bronze statue of Rossini by Carlo Marochetti.

Inside the palazzo, two important rooms – the Gallery of illustrious men and women of Pesaro (1763) and the Sala dei Marmi (1772), with its cycle of frescoes depicting the foundation of the city of Pesaro, in Pagan and Christian times; both include frescoes by Lazzarini and his pupils.

The room known as the Tempietto Rossiniano, with ceilings decorated with typically neo-classical Pompeian motifs, contains precious mementos, letters and musical autographs by Gioachino Rossini.

video credit Comune di Pesaro