The Rhythm Orchestra Workshop was devised for the dual purpose of offering instrumentalist students from the Level I course (“Triennio”) a professionally useful experience to operate in large Jazz, Pop or more generally “modern” groups (in live and studio recording projects) and to create an instrument body able to perform the compositions by the students on the Level II (“Biennio”) Jazz course (which, at the Conservatorio Rossini has always specialised in Composition, Arrangement and Conducting for Jazz Orchestras). The repertoire ranges from great Jazz composers to the orchestration of original compositions by students of the conservatory and include a great repertoire of Afro-American music and its offshoots. The Rhythm Orchestra Workshop features a working method based on experimentation, openness, research and combining the different disciplines

Two workshops are held every year: the first is based on the typical jazz big band instrumentation (voices, saxophone section, trumpet section and trombones, with a rhythm section that consists of guitar, piano, bass/double bass, drums, and percussion); the second workshop is based on a less typical instrumentation which is better set up for a less codified repertoire. This latter instrumentation can change every year, but it always includes a string section.

The two ensembles may be combined to create a large formation: the Conservatorio Rossini Rhythm Orchestra.

The two orchestras are formed by students on the Level I courses who, under the guidance of teaching staff, are conducted by students on the two-year Jazz course (for whom there is a final examination in Rehearsing and Conducting). All students on the three-year courses, as well as those on the Jazz course, can enrol for the workshop and attain the relevant credits after attending the course and passing a practical orchestra test. The workshop can be included in the study program, every year, if required, given that the repertoires studied are constantly renewed.