International Harpsichord Competition

Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 - News
International Harpsichord Competition

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Gianni Gambi International Harpsichord Competition


The Rossini Conservatory of Music organizes the XVII edition of the Gianni Gambi International Harpsichord Competition. The competition takes place every two years and it’s open to  all harpsichord students, trainees and graduates in last year 2017/18 from Italian Conservatories or foreign institutions, without age limit. Since the last editions, besides the solo perfomance prize, a basso continuo prize has been established.

Students from Italy and all over Europe attended the competition in the last years, with a growing quality level of perfomances. Some of the competition winners are nowaday well-known soloist and performers from several countries.

The competition will take place in Pesaro from the 19th to the 21st of march 2019. The jury is composed by Maestros Alfonso Fedi (President), Alberto Busettini, Shen Fanxiu, Sonia Lee, Luca Scandali. Application deadline is 14 march 2019.

For more information please check XVII Harpsichord Competition Rules and XVII Harpsichord Competition Application form.

Concertato piece. G.F. Händel, Sonata for traverso and continuo in B minor HWV 367b

2018 edition is organized with the support of Eurispes and Comune di Malborghetto-Valbruna (Festival Risonanze), in cooperation with Rotary Club Pesaro Rossini and Collegium Musicum Classense. The edition is dedicated to the memory of professor Maria Letizia Pascoli, highly valued teached recently deceased, who founded the competition.

Harpsichord competition list of Prize winners

Harpsichord competition history


Competition’s winners will perform in a public free concert that will be held on the 21st of march 2019 at 6.00pm at Chiesa della Maddalena in Pesaro. The concert will be part of the European Early Music Day organized by REMA – European Early Music Network

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