Pre-college Courses (closed to new candidates)

General structure The pre-degree courses are closed to new candidates. With the exception of the Jazz course, are divided into 3 periods: level A (basic), lasting three years; level B (intermediate), lasting two years; level C (advanced), also lasting three years (two for Organ or Voice).

Course curricula – Other subjects During the initial period of study, as well as the course subject, you must attend Music theory, rhythm, and ear training lessons (unless you already possess the relevant certification at level A or the music theory diploma from the previous academic system). In the following years, there will be other subjects, depending on the chosen course. For more detailed information, please see the curricula available on this site.

Grade examinations It is necessary to sit an examination in the main subject of the course at the end of each period of study. Other subjects will normally require a single examination at the end of the course, depending on the structure of the curriculum. Examinations may be taken in the summer term (usually June), the autumn term (usually September) or the winter term (usually February). Please remember that examination entry is not automatic: you must submit an application for each examination before the set deadline (published on the website), stating your preferred term. In the event that there is no examination requirement to pass on to the next year of the course, you will be required to have achieved an end-of-year grade of at least 6/10. If the end-of-year grades are insufficient, it will be necessary to repeat the year.