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How to enroll in the Conservatorio Rossini

This procedure is not for admission to the Conservatorio. It is for enrollment of students which have already been admitted. To apply for admission see this page.


  • students enrolled in “Triennio” and “Biennio” levels, Propedeutic level, Pre-college level and “Vecchio ordinamento”: until August 31st (Sept. 15th with penalty)
  • newly admitted students not later than seven days after receiving the enrollment call
  • students enrolled in “Biennio” level, who pay in installments, the due date of the second installment is February 28th.

Enrollment procedures

For full information on fees and payments please check Regolamento tasse e contributi.


  • First of all, you will need a valid ID card (for non-EU citizens passport is required). If you are underage (18 years), one of the parents or a legal tutor’s ID will be required
  • You need to know your Italian “Fiscal Code” (Tax ID code). To obtain the fiscal code you can check the procedure here.

please send the required documents by email (segreteria@conservatoriorossini.it). Please note that if the specified deadlines are not respected the enrollment procedure will not be valid

Fill the enrollment form

Now you can fill out the enrollment form. First, click on the button below to access the electronic register using the credentials you received by email. Second, from the main menu (inside the electronic register) choose the Iscrizioni item and then click on Rinnova Iscrizione/Iscrizione post-ammissione. If you have any problems or need more information, you can contact us at segreteria@conservatoriorossini.it

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