Pre-college Courses (Corsi propedeutici)

Pre-college courses (“Corsi Propedeutici”) are available from academic year 2019/20. They provide the skills necessary to access, without course debts, to the bachelor academic courses (Triennio), upon admissions examination.


Entrance exams Study Plan
Harp Harp
Jazz Bass Jazz Bass
Tuba Tuba
Jazz Drums and Percussion Jazz Drums and Percussion
Voice Voice
Baroque Singing Baroque Singing
Jazz Voice Jazz Voice
Guitar Guitar
Jazz Guitar Jazz Guitar
Clarinet Clarinet
Jazz Clarinet Jazz Clarinet
Harpsichord Harpsichord
Composition Composition
Double bass Double bass
Jazz Bass Jazz Bass
Horn Horn
Bassoon Bassoon
Accordion Accordion
Flute Flute
Traverso (Baroque flute) Traverso (Baroque flute)
Lute Lute
Oboe Oboe
Organ Organ
Piano Piano
Jazz Piano Jazz Piano
Saxophone Saxophone
Jazz Saxophone Jazz Saxophone
Arrangement for wind orchestra Arrangement for wind orchestra
Percussion Percussion
Trumpet Trumpet
Jazz Trumpet Jazz Trumpet
Trombone Trombone
Jazz Trombone Jazz Trombone
Viola Viola
Viola da gamba Viola da gamba
Violin Violin
Baroque Violin Baroque Violin
Violoncello Violoncello


Programmi corsi
Composizione organistica
Lettura della partitura
Musica di insieme per archi
Musica di insieme per fiati
Pratica pianistica
Pratica pianistica jazz
Teoria, ritmica e percezione musicale