Global Music Education League (GMEL)

Conservatorio Rossini is a GMEL’s founding member, an association gathering some of the main music universities from all over the world. The League’s goal is sharing elements and resources necessary for the global development of higher musical education, supporting extensive international exchanges, partnerships and cooperation. The network has attracted deans or heads of over 30 conservatories of music from China, the United States, Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovenia, Thailand and South Korea. In 2017 they exchanged views, within the Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education, on three topics: “Music schools’ contributions to human civilization”, “Music education’s globalization development trend” e “Music culture is the messenger of world peace”.

Currently Mr. Wang Liguang, President of China Conservatory of Music di Beijing is GMEL chairman.



GMEL group at the Great Hall of People with Chinese Vice Premier  Mr. Liu Yandong

GMEL members: