II Level Diploma Percussions

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1/A) Performance of a music program chosen by the candidate, around 30 minutes. The program should include high-level difficulty pieces and organized as per below:
• Snare drum – one music piece 
• Vibraphone – one music piece with 4-mallet techinque, pedal and dampening
• Marimba – one music piece with 2 or 4-mallet techinque
• Xilophone – one music piece with 2-mallet techinque (alternatively, performace of an orchestra extract among the below list)
• Timpani – one music piece with multiple tuning changes 
• Set Up – one music piece
• Orchestra extract (among the below list)
• Major and minor scales and related arpeggios (on at least two octaves)

1/B) Candidates without a specific percussion degree and graduated in other subjects, should perform a 20 minutes free music program and undergo practice tests chosen by the commission, in order to assest candidate music skills’ pertinence to the selected study plan.

2) Sight-reading of a medium-level difficulty music piece chosen by the commission.
The commission reserves the right to interrupt the audition at any moment.

Motivational interview.





The candidate should choose among the following or among others of equal or superior technical and musical difficulty level. The latter shall be published and internationally recognized.


  1. Firth: The Solo Snare Drummer
  2. Cirone: Portait in Rhytm
  3. Delecluse 12 Etudes pour Casse Claire: n 1
  4. Mortensen: March Cadenza
  5. Cangelosi: Meditation N. 1
  6. Gerassimez: Asventuras for snare drum
  7. Cambpell: Psychle for Snare drum
  8. A Màsson: Kim for solo snare drum
  9. N.J. Zivkovic: Pezzo da concerto N. 1
  10. Siterre: Plein Peau
  11. Masson: Prim
  12. Reidhammer: The Callenge (one movement)


  1. Friedman from “Vibraphone technique dampening and pedaling”: chosen by the candidate n. 24/25/26/27
  2. Friedman from “Mirrof from Anoyher”: chosen by the candidate
  3. Friedman: Almost Blue
  4. Friedman: Texas Hoedown
  5. Wiener “Six Solos vol 1 e/o 2”
  6. Molenhof: Music of the Day – all the etudes
  7. C. Jobim: Chega de Saudade (no more blues) – arranged by Gary Burton
  8. Glentworth: Blues for Gilbert
  9. J. Zivkovic: Suomineito
  10. Burton: from the 6 Solos for vibe “The Sunset Bell”


  1. Sejournée: Concerto pour vibraphone et Orchestre (piano reduction)
  2. Rosauro: Concerto for vibraphone and Orchestra (piano reduction)
  3. Doughtrey: Concerto for vibraphone and wind ensemble (piano reduction)

Carlo Willems Geert Callaert: Jazz Suite (vibes and piano)

Mongo Santamaria Arranged by Burton & Ozone: Afro Blue (for vibes and piano)

  1. Burton & M. Ozone: Times Like These (vibes and piano)


  1. J.S. Bach: One Suite for cello
  2. Stout: Two Mexican Dance (one chosen by the candidate)
  3. Smadbect: Rhythm Song
  4. Abe: Ancient Valse
  5. Abe: “Prism”
  6. Abe: “Michi”
  7. Debussy: Arabesque – arr. For marimba 5 octaves By Naoko Takada
  8. Debussy: “Children’s Corner” or “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum” – trasc. By L.H. Stevens
  9. Tanaka, from “Two mouvements for marimba”: N. 2
  10. N.J. Zivkovic: Ilijas
  11. Sammut: “Libertango” or “Sugaria” – for solo marimba, 3 perc., string orch., 1 double bass – piano reduction
  12. Psatthas: One Study Summary – for marimba, junk percussion and digital Audio
  13. Sciarrino: Il Legno e la Parola

MARIMBA AND ORCHESTRA (piano reduction):

One Concerto movement for marimba and orchestra among the following:

  1. Rosauro: Concerto for marimba and orchestra d’archi
  2. Koppel: Concerto for marimba and orchestra
  3. Sejourne: Concerto for marimba and string orchestra
  4. Ewazen: Concerto for marimba and orchestra
  5. Milhaud: Concerto por marimba, vibraphone et orchestra


  1. E. Green: RagTime (chose by the candidate)
  2. Mayuzumi: Concertino per xilofono e orchestra (piano reduction)
  3. Schostakovich: Il Bullone
  4. Stravinskji: The Firebird; Les Noces

W.A. Mozart: Il Flauto Magico (glockenspiel)

TIMPANI – one orchestra extract from the below list and one chosen by the candidate among the following:

Vic Firth “The Solo Timpanist”: studio III, pag 9

  1. Delecluse: “Vingt Etudes pour timpani”: n 8
  2. Carter “Eight Pieces for four timpani”: March
  3. Tharichen: Konzer fur pauken und Orchester – piano reduction

Simphonies and orchestra extracts: Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovskji, Stravinskji (The Rite of Spring)

SET-UP – one piece chosen by the candidate among the following:

  1. Milhaud: Creation du Monde (finale)
  2. Stravinskji: Hystoire du Soldat “Marche Triomphale du Diable”
  3. Cirone: Portraits for multiple percussion – 50 solos n. 32 (pag 34/35)
  4. Cambpell: Tork
  5. Boccadoro: Power Station
  6. Cangelosi: Bad Touch for Solo performer and playback
  7. Xenakis: Rebonds (one movement)
  8. Xenaxis: Psappha
  9. Per Norgard: I Ching (one movement)
  10. Volans: She who sleep with a small blanket
  11. Battistelli: Comme un Opéra Fabuleux; Uno e trino; Anima (one piece chosen by the candidate)
  12. Jolivet: Concerto per percussion and Orchestra – piano reduction (I° mov)

ETUDES and ORCHESTRA EXTRACTS – (all shall be performed)

  1. R. Korsakov Snare drum: Sheherazade (Snare drum)
  2. J. Chaikovskji “Sinf n. IV” (Finale) (G. Cassa and cymbals)
  3. Bizet: Carmen atto IV “Entr’acte” (Tambourine)
  4. Stravinskji Xilophone: “Firebird”