II Level Diploma Horn

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II Level Diploma HORN



1) Performance of Concerto n. 3 KV 447 by Mozart.
2) Performance of one etude drawn on the spot among the following:
– De Angelis, metodo parte 2a, etude n. 15
– J. F. Gallay, dai 12 grandi studi, etude n. 4
– O. Franz, dai 10 studi da concerto, etude n. 2
– E. Muller, metodo parte 2a, etude n. 2
– F. Bartolini, etude n. 106
– F. Bartolini, etude n. 107
3) Performance of 5 orchestra extracts chosen by the candidate among Metodo Fontana, passi difficili e a solo.
4) Performance of two music pieces with handhorn technique: Beethoven Sonata op.17 (first 45 measures) and one chosen by the candidate.
5) Sight-reading of a medium-level difficulty music piece chosen by the commission.
The commission reserves the right to interrupt the audition at any moment.