II Level Diploma Jazz Drums

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II Level Diploma JAZZ DRUMS



Instrument technique test:
1) Knowledge and performance of 26 Rudimenti N.A.R.D. and 40 Rudimenti P.A.S.
2) Performance of two marches among four presented by the candidate, chosen from rudiments march methods by Wilcoxon, NARD or Ludwig.
3) Performance of one grace notes etude and one snare drum etude, chosen from the method Modern School for Snare Drum by Morris Goldenberg.
4) Performance of two etudes chosen by the commission among chapters A and C of Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin.

Improvisation and sight-reading test:
1) Performance of blues drum solo, with theme played on set, chosen among the following: Now’s the time, Billie’s Bounce, Blue Monk, Straight no Chaser, Sonnymoon for Two, Tenor Madness.
2) Performance in trio, quartet or on pre-recorded accompaniment, of two music pieces, one chosen by the commission and one by the candidate among the following: Anthropology (Parker) – Evidence (Monk) – Bouncin’ with Bud (Powell) – Moments Notice (Coltrane) – St. Thomas (Rollins) – I love you (Porter) – Wave (Jobim) – Alone Together (Schwartz) – Up Jumped Spring (Hubbard) – Watermelon man (Hancock) – In a sentimental mood (Ellington) – All blues (Davis).
3) Knowledge of style fundamentals over cubane clave, brasilian rithms, funk, even 8 and odd times.
4) Sight-reading on a music piece. Rhythmic on the drum and orchestration on the set.
The commission reserves the right to interrupt the audition at any moment.

Motivational interview.