Department of Voice and musical theatre Prof. Andrea Maria Mazza
Department of New technologies and musical languages Prof. Eugenio Giordani
Department of Wind instruments Prof. Sergio Bosi
Department of Keyboard instruments and percussion Prof. Giovanna Savarese
Department of Plucked and bowed string instruments Prof. Elisabetta Matacena
Department of Theory and analysis, composition and conducting Prof. Luigi Livi
Department of Music teaching Prof. Pier Luigi Piazzi



This list only includes those subjects with more than one lecturer

Piano accompaniment Prof. Cecilia Angelotti
Guitar Prof. Giuseppe Ficara
Clarinet Prof. Sergio Bosi
Composition Prof. Luigi Livi
Double bass Prof. Caffiero Gobbi
Flute Prof. Santa Pirruccio
Score reading Prof. Mario Totaro
Chamber music Prof. Ladislao Vieni
Wind ensemble Prof. Vincenzo Piaggesi
Oboe Prof. Fabio Fabbrizioli
Organ Prof. Serenella Secchiero
Piano Prof. Giovanni Valentini
Supplementary piano Prof. Riccardo Bartoli
Saxophone Prof. Stefano Venturi
Music history Prof. Maria Chiara Mazzi
Percussion Prof. Gianni Dardi
Theory of harmony and music analysis Prof. Pierino Rossi
Music theory, rhythm and ear training Prof. Riccardo Tanesini
Violin Prof. Diego Conti
Violoncello Prof. Marco Vangi

Here you can find the Departments regulations of the Conservatorio Statale “G.Rossini” di Pesaro (Italian only)